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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

1. I am so annoyed with Yahoo! My email account is not working, it won't let me sign in. Aargh! And no, I have not forgotten my password.

2. I've had to cancel babysitting on Thursday to go to a cast dinner, which I feel kind of bad about.

3. We've now been sent the movie 'Proof', amongst others. I want to see that one. Others I'm not so interested in, like 'A History of Violence'.

4. I have a lot of homework which I really should be doing instead of this. But I will do it, once I've finished.

5. Less than two weeks 'til Christmas! (Is it 'til or just till? 'till? til?)

6. I'm reading bits of 'The Amber Spyglass' again right now. (Well, not right now obviously.) I love His Dark Materials, and I can't wait for the films. I saw the play at the National Theatre, which was absolutely amazing. I hope Nicole Kidman plays Mrs Coulter, she'd be perfect. Will and Lyra should be unknowns though.

7. Speaking of the National Theatre, 'Coram Boy' is playing this Christmas. I really want to see it, I loved the book.

8. Speaking of Nicole Kidman, there's a new character on 'Neighbours' who looks exactly like her! It's freaky!!!!

Have to get started on that homework now. Aah, I've got hiccups!!!! I hate hiccups!



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