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Thursday, December 22, 2005

1. Saw Narnia last night. Will write review in a minute.

2. I've found that Meg Cabot (my favourite author and author of The Princess Diaries) has her own blog on her website, at It's really funny. Much better than mine. Oh well, she is a professional writer. Anyway, its very cool and I've just been reading it.

3. Via Meg Cabot's blog I discovered this site: SOOO cute! (As you might expect from the URL).

4. Today I'm going to a friend's party at a climbing centre. Should be fun. I like climbing 'cause I'm good at it.

5. Wow, three days until Christmas!

6. Found this photo on It was taken on Rachel's camera phone. No idea how they got pictures from her phone, and it kind of seems like an invasion of privacy, but this picture's funny, because Mischa Barton always seems to look so beautiful and graceful. Ha! Incidentally, she has the same name as my dad (Mischa). Mischa is NOT a girls' name, it is a Russian boys' name!!! Anyway...

7. Anyone have any idea what that teeny tiny writing just above the title on this page says? there's a big 097 in the background and then something really tiny written. Who knows?

8. Aww, this is my tenth post!

Right, I shall now write that review. Hang on.


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