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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

1. Oops, I haven't written for over a week (not that anyone cares, but still. I should be updating regularly.)

2. is offically one of my favourite sites!

3. I'm back at school. The chemistry test was OK. I have a Physics test tomorrow. (Great.)

4. 'Just Like Heaven' was pretty good actually. I would have done a review but it's too long ago now and I can't remember enough about it. Anyway, it was an enjoyable romcom and not actually too predictable.

5. I now want to see 'Casanova'. We've been sent the screenplay and I've read that and it's a fun story, so now I want to see the film (becuase annoyingly they didn't send us that.)

6. 'The OC' has started again!!!!! Saw it last night. Very good. I'll be watching it again tonight, because my dad wants to watch it with me.

7. Oh crap, I've missed Neighbours. Oh well.

8. I know it seems like all I think about it TV and films but nobody would really be interested in what's happening in my life. So that's why the subject topic is mainly stuff other people can relate too. How thoughtful I am :)

Caio! (Is that how you spell that?)


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