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Sunday, January 22, 2006

1. I forgot to mention this on my last two entries, but I saw Pleasantville last Saturday night. It was really good, and very interesting. Im not going to bother explaining about it here, but if anyones reading this and hasn't seen it, look it up because it's really very intelligent and well done. In my opinion.

2. Also saw Cruel Intentions on Thursday night. Also very well done (God, it sounds like a steak or something, doesn't it?). Very wicked and risque, but good. It starts out being pretty amoral and I was wondering how it would end, because you can't have a film end when the bad characters are still being bad and haven't learnt any important life lessons (this is Hollywood, after all) but if it went really slushy and sentimental and righteous at the end it wouldn't work and wouldn't be as good. And I think they did it really well. The 'baddies' either turned good or got what they deserved (so parents won't complain, although thinking about that, they probably would anyway, due to the content of the film), without being all preachy and stuff. Anyway, I think there's a Cruel Intentions 2 and 3, so I'll have to see those. Probably won't be as good, but still.

3. I have a HUGE English essay to do today. On Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
'Some critics believe Alec and Angel combine to destroy the woman they love, others believe Tess is a victim of her own pessimistic fatalism. What is your view?'
So if anyone has anything interesting to say about that, please leave a comment ASAP!!!! (I would put my email address, but I don't want to.)

Right, gotta go and start that. Blurgh. Why did I chose to go to such a highly academic school???????



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