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Thursday, February 02, 2006

OK, so I haven't updated this blog for 10 days. I haven't had a spare moment. Actually that's not true, I've had loads of spare moments, I just kept forgetting.

Anyway, I'm going to South Africa on Sunday! Yay! I won't be able to update while I'm there because my grandparents (who we're staying with) practically still live in the Dark Ages and have no computer. There is an Internet cafe nearby but I don't think South Africa has got broadband yet so the Internet is DEATHLY slow. I mean you could go and get your week's shopping done and come back in the space of time it takes one page to load. And I HATE slow computers (I'm spoilt like that, having grown up with broadband) so no computing for me until I get back (Thursday after next).

I have a maths test tomorrow (on circle theorems - can you think of anything more boring?) and I REALLY need to revise. Oh CRAP! I forgot to take my book home. &*%$£*$!!!!! Oh well, I can revise a bit tomorrow during lunch break.

In other news, I have seen The Stepford Wives, which was OKish, and West Side Story, which I hadn't seen since I was tiny. It's so good! I LOVE the music and the dancing. I REALLY need to watch Brokeback Mountain since all my friends are going out and seeing it and it's weird becuase I'm never the one who hasn't seen the film. I'm always the one who has seen the film. Even my friend Claire, who never watches anything and is completely clueless about movies and stuff has seen it. So I shall watch it.... tomorrow.

Moving on to a related subject, the Oscar nominations are out! Pretty much as expected, though I'm glad Reese Witherspoon and Kiera Knightley are up for Best Actress. I really want to know what will win! I'll have to wait a month and a bit.

Note the slightly different, more conventional way of setting out entries (not in numbered bullet points). I just wanted to try something different. I have three films I need to watch before going away (which is so NOT going to happen): Garden State, There's Something About Mary and D.E.B.S. Please let me know opinions on them. I don't even know what D.E.B.S is about. I think it'll be kinda bad. And There's Something About Mary is like a gross-out comedy, so not expecting too much from that. I really want to see Garden State though.

I have started watching both Smallville and Scrubs, both of whihc are cool. I like Smallville, I'm not so interested in the whole sci-fi bad guy thing, but I like Clark and Lana, and Chloe's really cool. Scrubs is weird when you first watch it but it's also really funny. Zach Braff (coincidentally also in Garden State) is very lovable and I like Elliot. Do J.D. and Elliot ever get together? They should.

God, it's almost 10pm and I haven't done any homework. Wow, I'm becoming a bit of a rebel! I've never been a rebel, I'm more of a goody-goody and a geek. Even if I spend a lot of lessons passing notes with Claire. And doodling. God, I really should start paying more attention in lessons.

This has turned out to be quite long. I didn't know I had so much to say.

Ooh! I've started Helen O Grady Drama Academy. It's fun. And I'll be helping with a Rainbows (girl guides for ages 5-7) pack from Easter.

Well, I'm sure I'm boring all the hoards of people who avidly read this blog. (Ha!) I'm off to study. Lucky me!



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