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Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm back from South Africa! It was pretty good, rained every day though, which was unfortunate. Luckily it was sunny for a bit so I am a little more tanned than I was. I checked my emails once when I was there at that Internet cafe I said was so slow, but they've updated their computers and now theyre really fast! But I still couldn't update the blog becuase I only had a ten-minute period online.

I've applied to be an ambassador for Meg Cabot in the UK! Check it out -

Films I watched travelling to and in South Africa:
- Garden State (I actually watched this before I left, but whatever). I LOVED it! It was so real and fresh! I want to have it on DVD. I strongly recommend it to everyone! Also, Zach Braff played the lead role, directed and wrote it, which is pretty impressive. He's also in Scrubs, which I watched four episodes of on the plane and probably annoyed everyone sitting around me by laughing too much.
- How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. I saw this for the third time. It's not bad, pretty typical romcom.
- The Family Stone. Saw it in the cinema with my uncle's wife (I really need to get used to calling her my aunt). Saw it before Christmas but watched it again. It's good. I want to spend Christmas in a place like that! I love that house!
- Bee Season. Saw this on the plane. Didn't really get some of it. It was OK but not really very enjoyable. Max Minghella is very good.
- My Date With Drew. OK, a documentary rather than a movie, whatever. It was sweet, got a bit boring around the middle but I loved the ending.

I also bought the Titanic 5-disc special limited collector's edition thingy, or whatever it's called. Lots of special features and stuff in a nice boxset. And I bought The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, which I watched (for the second time) last night. It's such a good film!

At the moment I am reading Notes From A Big Country by Bill Bryson. I love him! He's hilarious! I've also read The Lost Continent and some of Made in America.

Today I have to do LOADS of homework, watch the second OC episode I missed, and watch Raise Your Voice, the Hilary Duff movie that has arrived. I'm not expecting much, it being a Hilary Duff movie, but it's about a performing arts camp or school or something, so I might like it.

Gotta go make pancakes for breakfast now. I'm starving.


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