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Saturday, January 06, 2007

YouTube galore!

Here are a few videos for you to check out:

Kristin Chenoweth being interviewed on the Ellen Show. It's so funny!

- Plus, look how grown up Dakota Fanning has become!

- And for all Rent fans...

Tallie xxx

(Wow, two very short posts in a row. Well, I don't have very much to say!)


Anonymous blah said...

tallie you are indeed obsessed with wicked. but ha im singing it soon hahahaha. *gloats* anyway how was the drama mock? i hear holly said u missed the whole last scene or something, but at least u werent covered in glitter like jen. i had a rly good afternoon actually, sorry for having a go at u for

6:34 AM

Anonymous blah II said...

um where was i?sorry for having a go at u foro leaving me thats what i meant to say. my cat stepped on the enter button, what an idiot. umm well im bored, as u may guess, i should be revising, or something but i cant be assed. u should get facebook, its great. i will update mine now. hmm well see u on monday yay. xxxx

6:36 AM


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