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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas news (and cute relatives)

Christmas is over! It came and went with alarming speed this year, didn't it? I hope everyone reading had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was pretty good. I was in Exeter staying with relations which was fun since we had big celebratory meals two evenings in a row and there were lots of little kids which always makes things fun, and it was generally very nice. One of my cousins has two kids, Bethany, aged four, and Otto, aged one. I don't know if it's because I am related to them and therefore biased or what, but these are the cutest kids ever! They are so unbelievably adorable! And just because I am an adoring cousin-once-removed, I'm going to post some pictures of them:

This is little Otto:

And this is Bethany, or Boofa as she is more commonly known (my family is Russian, and when you write Bethany in Russian it looks like the letters B, U, F and A. Hence, Bufa. Although they usually spell it Boofa. Oh yeah, my friends may remember the picture of her I had in my desk in Year 9, when she was only one, and this is her now!).

Aww! Anyway, moving on...

I now have the Wicked soundtrack (YAY!), which I am listening to right now ('Every moment... as long as you're mine...') and it is so good! Within about a week I'll know the entire CD off by heart. I also got Wicked: The Grimmerie, which is the amazing big book all about how Wicked came to be and how it was put together and such. I also got the Rent DVD, so now I can finally send the rented one back!

('No good deed goes unpunished/No act of charity goes unresented...')

That's all for now. Now I have to do three new reviews for Lights, Camera, Action (finally!).

Tallie xxx

('Was I really seeking good or just seeking attention?')


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