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Saturday, November 11, 2006



After several months of me nagging my dad incessantly about taking me to see the new musical Wicked, he has booked for Saturday 9th December. Great, right? Wrong! That happens to be the date that my mum is taking me to Amsterdam for the weekend to see my brother, and I, the biggest idiot in the northern hemisphere, forgot to remind my dad that I'll be away that day. Both the theatre tickets and the plane tickets are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-exchangeable. So basically.... I'm screwed. And it's my fault.

So now all we can do is try desperately to find someone to buy our Wicked tickets from us so we can then book for another date. But to make things worse, I REALLY want to see it before the end of December when the cast changes and there are very few tickets left before then. These were pretty much it! *starts bawling loudly*

If anyone reading this (well, anyone I know anyway, if you live outside of the UK you won't be much help unless you're planning on coming to England that weekend) is free on Saturday 9th December and would like to see Wicked, PLEASE buy the tickets from us! PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!

From a very, VERY anguished Tallie xxx


Anonymous clariee the fairee who is stressseeeeeeeeeee said...

ah i see what you mean about the 'long story behind it'. im sorry i cant but the tickets off you, but i hope you find someone who can...put them on ebay! my big suggestion of the week. anyway...i am stressed at the moment (whats new) and so am going to go and watch spooks to de-stress. byeee xxxxxxxxxxx

12:55 PM


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