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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Recent travels and a bit of a singalong

This is the first time I've blogged while sitting in front of the TV. It's quite fun. I'm watching - guess what? - Rent. I told you, it's my new obsession. I'm still watching that rented copy (I've had it for about six weeks now!), but I'm getting the DVD for Christmas. And the soundtrack, hopefully.

I have been travelling rather a lot recently. I was in Amsterdam last weekend with my mum, visiting my brother and his girlfriend who live there. Amsterdam is a really nice place, very modern and organised, with excellent public transport. Everything that London should be! You pretend to believe her/'Cause in the end you can't leave her... sorry, just singing along. Anyway, while we were there we went to a show at Boom Chicago, a comedy club where my brother works. It was really amazing. Check out the website at, and if any of you are ever in Amsterdam, you have to go! OK???

This weekend (I wanna commit a crime/Be the cause of a fight/Wanna put on a tight skirt/And flirt with a stranger...) I was in London, where I saw Coram Boy at the National Theatre. Don't want to make you feel bad, Livvie and Claire, but it was absolutely incredible! The staging was so inventive and it was so powerful, with a choir and orchestra at the back of the stage performing bits of Handel's Messiah, which is featured in the story. My dad said it was one of the best things he's ever seen on stage. I'd love to go again.

On Sunday I switched parents and my mum and I went to Harrod's. Harrod's, the week before Christmas. Not such a good idea, but still fun. I love Harrod's, but it's impossible not to get lost there. Perhaps that's why I love it. On Monday we went to Oxford Street. Yes, I know, we went to the busiest shopping street in the whole country on the week before Christmas. Why don't we think about these things before going there??? Nice Christmas lights though. In the evening we went to see The Sound of Music, with Connie in!!! It was great, and I absolutely loved the set. Connie was wonderful, although she seemed like she was really anxious to prove herself and therefore overacted a bit, but she is still perfect for the part. You can't imagine (There's only now/There's only here/Give in to love/Or live in fear...) her playing any other part.

Now I am back and doing my best to feel Christmassy. My mum's jetting off to South Africa for Christmas, and for the first time since I was born, I'm not going with her. I don't really like Christmas there, it doesn't feel right because it's all hot and the middle of summer, but I'm still kind of jealous. (Let's open up a restaurant in Santa Fe/Sunny Santa Fe would be nice) I miss it when I'm not there, and I don't know when I'll be going again, due to this annoying thing called GCSE's. God, I hate them.

Hopefully I'll be seeing a lot of my friends and I do have a huge amount of films to watch to pass the time. Not to mention that Class Civ coursework.... oh crap.

(I think they meant it/When they said you can't buy love/Now I know you can rent it/A new lease you are, my love/On life)

Tallie xxx


Anonymous the girl who watches utter crap said...

hey tal, u should rly turn on your phone once in a while....i texted u but u no reply wahhhhh. anyway, how are you? we should meet up sometime...i am really wanting one of your dad's toffee apple rasin things at the momet, u no how i get real cravings.well now i WANT one. anyway........just ignore i am off now to watch 'Deal of no deal' or whatever else shit there is (okay i am officially crap at english).but WHO CARES. love fiaree (oh dear i coant even speel my name) hmmm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops i just read my post n my typing really is crap, i just dont look most of the time. oh i cant be bovvered(?!) to do all teh fuss of who i am etc....

1:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

why does it tell me its 1.18pm? i mean, i no i am up late, but its not friggin 1am!yeugh pah and all that. and my toes are froze. ooooh.

1:23 PM

Blogger talliestar said...

It's American time, Clairee. And I'm sorry about my phone, but it's run out of battery (as usual) and my charger's at my mum's.

I've just watched the Strictly Come Dancing Final. It was very emotional, even thought I hadn't watched any of the others!

2:20 PM

Blogger talliestar said...

OK, how come when I click on 'the girl who watches utter crap', it takes me to the Deal Or No Deal website? Is that some weird and scary coincidence or did you put a link there?

2:37 PM

Blogger The Good Girl said...

Hey! Clarence wathces Deal or No Deal! She's just as sad as I am!

4:29 AM


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