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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Oscars

I love Scrubs! I seriously love it. It's hilarious!


- The Oscars have happened! My opinions:
1. I'm glad Reese Witherspoon got Best Actress. Not sure if her performance as good as everyone says, but she did do extremely well and she's one of my favourite actresses, so I'm happy.
2. Crash got Best Picture? I haven't actually seen it so I can't comment, but I was sure it would be Brokeback Mountain (which I still need to see, by the way). But I suppose everyone expected that.
3. Philip Seymour Hoffman..... no surprises there.
4. George Clooney... that's cool. Jake Gyllenhaal would have been nice, but whatever.
5. Rachel Weisz (sp?).... I'm happy about that. One, she's British, and two, she seems really nice and is a very good actress.

- I was in a debate on Monday (the motion was 'This house believes single-sex schools are beneficial'). My side were proposing. And we won! So now I have the final this Monday . The motion is 'This house believes Severus Snape is evil'! It's actually really hard to do. I haven't even written my speech yet. I really need to get going, because I want to win. We won the house debating tournament last year and I want to repeat that. Plus, I've never yet lost a debate and I don't want to break that cycle!

That's all folks!

Tallie xxx


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