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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Picnic pics

Hello lovely blog readers (or blog reader, more like). As per Livi's comment, I shall try and be more regular with my posts, so here I am! By the way Livi (or Livvie, whatever) please can I see your blog? Pleeeaaase? I'd like to read it, afetr all, you read mine. Anyways...

1. I have bought the first season of Scrubs on DVD! Woohoo! I am planning to buy the second and third seasons now, but I don't think the fourth is out on DVD yet. Hmm...

2. Haven't seen any new movies since my last post, soooooo I'll move on to.... The O.C.! Seth is STUPID for saying he didn't love Summer, Marissa is SENSIBLE for coming back home and Ryan is... well, he's just Ryan really but I'm glad he made up with his mum. It was a bit of a surprise that he got off with that Chloe girl after knowing her for like five minutes, but whatever. He should be mourning for Sadie (that makes it sound like she died, she didn't, she just left). Well, after that little ramble I will move on to...

3. The barbecue I had today with mes amies Livi and Clairee. C'etait tres amusant. Here is a pic:

And here's another, of Clairee sunbathing:

Well, as they say after Bugs Bunny cartoons, that's all folks!

Tallie x


Anonymous livvie said...

Yay! Fabbie Tallie! And no hunni you cannot see my blog. If you could I would have to stop being completely honest in it, and I prefer to be anonymous. However, I may start another blog for all my friends to see. Watch this space.

8:53 AM

Blogger Livvie said...

There you go hun, a blog for you to read.

2:03 PM

Anonymous Clairee the Fairee said...

TALLIE, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER. MY NAME IS SPELT CLAIREE NOT CLAIREY. I AM BANISHING YOU TO SOMEPLACE FAR AWAY.... until tomorrow when we have Greek (shhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt). I am very sunburnt, and my hair is salty. Boo hoo. Bubi, Love a very cross Fairee xxxxx- no actually take those xxxxxx's away.

8:03 AM


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