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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Random blogging

I just found this - It's a sequel to the Titanic!!!! Not really, of course, but they did it extremely well. Anyway, take a look.

Recently I have been random blogging, thanks to my friend Livi who told me she did it. \So now I spend quite a bit of time browsing through random blogs. Most are really boring, a lot are in a foreign language so I can't understand them, but some are really cool. I have also realised that lots of people have really cool layouts and graphics on their blogs, and here I am with the boring template design. When I have the time and I'm feeling brainy I'll try and do something with this layout. Anyway, as I was browsing I came across this blog - and I just thought the marzipan babies were so cool! (Find them under the April archive section)



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