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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Meg Cabot Ambassador!

Remember a few weeks ago I said I'd applied to be a Meg Cabot Ambassador? Well I got it! I got a letter and certificate, a phone charm and a copy of Meg's latest book, Avalon High, to review. It's really cool! I am one of 100 in the UK.

Anyway, on to other news...

1. I won the debate final! I was so sure we had lost but we didn't! I had to go up in assembly to get the cup. So that was also really cool.

2. I haven't actually been watching that many films recently. Oh, I saw a bit of Sleepless in Seattle on TV. Oh yeah, I also watched Shall We Dance?, which is a bit of mindless fluff but better than watching paint dry. I still haven't watched Brokeback Mountain. Damnit!

3. In the Music Theatre Group I'm in at school we're doing a medley from The Producers, so I should watch that film of it, you know, the new one with Matthew Broderick, Will Ferrell, Uma Thurman, etc.

4. There's nothing good on at the cinema lately. Nothing! There's V for Vendetta, but I don't think it's my kind of thing, as much as I like Natalie Portman, and it's by the makers of The Matrix, which I didn't like much anyway. So I'll give that a miss.

5. I have discovered the Garden State website, which has really cool graphics, and Zach Braff's blog, at Check it out.

6. I am going to have to do a New Yorkan gangster accent for a production with my drama group. I am CRAP at accents, especially American ones. So that is going to be a huge embarrassment. Great.

7. Speaking of New York though, I may be going over the Easter holidays, to visit my ex-stepmother Carol. I really hope I can go, I've been dreaming of going to NY for...... I don;t know how long. A long time.

That's all for now.
Lots of love,

Tallie xxx


Anonymous Playaviolingirl said...

I'm a meg cabot ambassador for 2007, may I ask in 2006 how many packs did you recieve? I've only recieved two. Please leve a shout out on my "Lilac Page" on my website. The Url for the page is below.

9:56 AM

Anonymous playaviolingirl said...

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