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Friday, June 09, 2006

Before my French Oral exam

There's good news and bad news:
The good news is that it is the last day of exams! Yippee!!!!
The bad news is that I still have my French orals to do, in like, an hour. EEEEK!!!

I still need to go over my answers a bit more, which is why this will be a short post.

1. I will hopefully be watching Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit sometime this weekend. If so, I will post a review on LCA as soon as I can.

2. So the baby wasn't Ryan's after all. Hmm. It had light brown hair though! How could it be Theresa and Eddie's? They both have, like, black hair. Weird. The writers just wanted to tie up that storyline neatly. There's so much they could have done with it though. Oh well. Oh yeah, and Anna is back! She looks cool with long hair.

3. Wow, my stomach is actually hurting with nervousness (is that a word?). Why am I getting so stressed out about this? (By the way, I'm talking about my French orals, not The OC. I may be lame, but I'm not THAT lame.) I'm going to log off now and revise to make me feel better (or not, as the case may be).



Blogger Livvie said...

Curse of the Were Rabbit is fabulous have seen it like eight times.
SpamMan is continuing his attack on CheerUp. It is actually pissing me off. Do you know of a way to stop him?

1:20 PM

Blogger Livvie said...

Tal!!! Your posting has once again become very lax! I am v disappointed in you!

11:18 PM


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