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Sunday, January 21, 2007

A school rant and theatre ramble

I was about to go to Livvie's blog and leave a comment telling her off for not blogging since like, forever. But then I hadn't exactly been regular with my blogging either, so hence I am writing a blog entry here rather than an angry comment at Musings.

I have about a hundred reviews to write at Lights, Camera, Action, which has been rather neglected recently, as well as an article of the same name for the school newspaper, run by Livvie. So, thinking about that, there are probably better ways for me to be spending my time than blogging here. Oh well.

I officially hate Year 11. I've probably said that before, but it's true. As well as all the piles of work and the dreaded coursework, we now have another mini-hell to go through - mocks. These, for those who don't know, is where we basically do all our GCSE exams, but they don't actually count. They are for PRACTICE. How crap. Now, I know they have their uses: find out how you are doing and how much work you should do for the real ones, plus you won't have to revise as much come the summer since you will already have kind of learnt everything. But still, I do not need 2 weeks of exams right now! I'm struggling just to keep up with normal homework! And even though they don't count towards GCSEs, they do use your marks if you somehow are unable to take the real exams, and also they base the scholarships for Sixth Form mainly on your mock results. And so, for me, that means I kind of have to do well. God, I hate school sometimes.

Moving on to happier subjects, I am still very into Wicked, and I also discovered that I still have £30 of theatre tokens from my birthday to spend. They don't have an expiry dtae, so there's no hurry to use them, but I'm starting to think what I'd like to see. I saw three West End shows in December, so my parents aren't exactly in a hurry to take me to see more, but I think a trip to London in half term might be nice, yes? Avenue Q looks good, and I think I get 2 for 1 on tickets because I have an Oyster card (London traveller's card). So that's cool. Or.... Dirty Dancing? Nah. I could always see Wicked again... hm, appealing thought. I'd love to see Billy Elliot again. Or Mary Poppins. And The Lion King is meant to be amazing. Little Shop of Horrors also looks good. Oh, the choices! Any thoughts?

I should probably go and write some reviews now.


Tallie xxx


Blogger Shannon said...

I totally know how you are feeling about the reviews Talliestar!! I'm trying to get some up as we speak (see the procrastination?). I'll be looking forward to reading yours when they are up - til then good luck on your non counting but actually mean something exams, that sounds like quite the challenge!

5:59 PM

Blogger talliestar said...

Thanks Shannon! Know what you mean about procrastination... I have physics coursework due in tomorrow and I'm on here! I need some motivation!

10:41 AM

Anonymous u should know by now said...

tal! are u alright? u left schl today with no warning!!!im sure its just a cold, bt u never know u could be dying with...oh i cant think of a dreadful disease...diptheria. there u go. u cud have diptheria. what fun eh? andyway u missed a thrilling greek lesson and a very loud maths lesson (owsty shouted a lot)bye be better soon :) :) xxxx

11:52 AM

Blogger The Good Girl said...

tal! take me to wicked with you! fun fun fun!

10:25 AM

Anonymous Lanaya said...

Thanks for writing this.

11:05 PM


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