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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happiness, television and uber-cool videos.

I am in an insanely happy mood today, for no reason at all. I shouldn't really be so happy, I have three days left of half term and half done practically no revision whatsoever, but I'm still weirdly cheerful. I'm beginning to think someone slipped me something while I was asleep last night. Everyone who knows me will know how generally I am pretty chilled and even-tempered. To hell with that, I'm probably the most even-tempered person you'll ever meet, but yesterday I was in a really bad mood and today I'm in a really good mood. Maybe my normally even-tempered body has to balance itself out, so when I'm feeling miserable the next day I have to feel fantastic to compensate. Anyway, onto slightly more interesting topics than my current dispositions...

What the hell is up with Britney? I really feel for her kids, having such a whacked-out mother. And she used to be so sweet and sugar-coatedly wholesome. I agree with the ever-wise Meg Cabot's thoughts on the situation, that "she needs to get herself and her babies on a plane back to Louisiana, hunker down at her mom’s house, not date, not drink, eat home-cookin’, watch Judge Judy, and just CHILL for a couple of years."

TV is so good these days! All my favourite shows are on (with the exception, sadly, of Ghost Whisperer, but hopefully they'll show the new series soon) and are all really good! The O.C. has restored itself to its former awesomeness after a teeny dip in its usual zestiness last series. And I love Ryan and Taylor together! An unlikely couple, yes, but a great one!

Desperate Housewives has also come way back on form after a rather larger dip in juiciness last series. Two weeks ago they had one of the best episodes of anything ever, with the episode entitled 'Bang'. I wonderful example of how something can be so exciting and so funny at the same time.

I have been getting in 'Ugly Betty' recently, which is very enjoyable but isn't going up as one of my favourites just yet. And then there's Skins, a new drama on E4 filmed here in Bristol which is supposedly realistic about modern teenager's lives. And in a lot of ways it is, I guess. Some bits are really good, others are just random. And there's loads of nudity that is frankly, a bit unnecessary. You get the impression that it is written by lots of young guys who want to see naked women. Which, come to that, it is.

And of course there's the usual Friends, Scrubs and Smallville. Is it any wonder that I haven't been revising???

OK, all Wicked fans HAVE to see this: It's the cutest thing ever! I love it.

Also, for all Idina and Taye fans (probably only me, but who cares) see this: I know I'm a giant loser, but this video makes me so happy! They are the sweetest couple on God's green earth. Whoever sent them that hate mail should rot in hell. Also I love the song.

Tallie xxx


Blogger The Good Girl said...

Well done tal, you've just made me spend many a minute on YouTube when I should be orking. Procrastination strikes again.
And, did you know that Wicked is referenced on Ugly Betty?! Not sure which episode, or whether it's coming or has already gone, but apparently Betty likes it. Well, who wouldn't...

9:25 AM

Blogger talliestar said...

Mwa ha ha, I know, YouTube is fantastic for procrastinating. Did you like the videos?

That's cool about Ugly Betty, I think it's still to come since I've seen all the episodes (except the pilot) and haven't noticed anything, althought that guy Mark did once say something like "the only thing I'd like more would be Taye Diggs covered in baby oil". Not exactly Wicked related, but close!

9:47 AM


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