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Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend news and freaky Christians

Ah, the sweet relief of finishing mocks! They were all OK, and now we're getting all our results, joy! So far I've got 68% in Biology (whoops) but that's actually an A (yay!), 93% in French (A*) and 91% in Greek (A*).

A few days ago I thought of something really interesting I could talk about in my next post, not about me bua about life in general, and would you believe it, I can't remeber what it is. So you're stuck with my news.

This weekend I took the Rainbows (miniature Brownies) to the Zoo. It was fun, good weather, and I haven't been for ages, but it was tiring yelling at them to stay close the whole time. Hyper 6-year-old girls do have atendency to run off.

On Saturday night I had a sleepover at Jennie's, with Claire as well, and that was lots of fun. We watched Little Miss Sunshine. Johnny English, and bits of Fantasia and The Little Mermaid when we got into the early hours of the morning.

I've been reading about a film called Jesus Camp which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary this year. It's about these kids who go to an evangelical Christian camp and are taught things like repenting for your sins, protesting against abortions and Harry Potter, worshipping George Bush and dissing evolution. This kind of stuff fascinates me but terrifies me. It's freaky. Anyway, I really want to see it but I don't know if there is any plans for UK release.

My goodness it's windy outside. We've been having the weirdest weather recently. One day it's sunny and pleasant and feels like summer, the next we're having pouring rain and practically gale force winds. The days seem to alternate between the two.

God, i've actually started to talk about the weather on my blog. Must be getting desperate. I'll go and finish my Drama now (my last ever piece of Drama written work for this school year!!!).

Tallie xxx


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