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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Charlotte's Party

I am very sorry about the the recent lack of updates. I have been rather busy, plus I usually only post when I'm at my dad's, and he's been away for like, a week, hence the lack of new posts. While I'm at it, I will also apologise for the lack of reviews on LCA. This is becuase, quite frenkly, I haven't seen any new films this past week, except Wallace and Gromit, so I'll post a review of it when I can.

Yesterday was my friend Charlotte's party and it was tres amusant. The food was yummy (loved the chocolate-coated satsumas!) and her garden is really nice and big with interesting things like tramploines in it. My garden is so boring in comparison. Anyway, we took lots of photos of everyone, some of which made us look quite nice, others made us look very very weird. Claire looked particularly stoned in quite a few.

Onto some TV news (since I have no movie news):

1. I saw the first episode and a half of Big Love on Monday night. It was good, I didn't really get some of it, but it was interesting. I don't know if I'll watch every week, probably just when I feel like it.

2. Only two more episodes of The O.C. this season. No! Oh yeah, check out the cover for the third season dvd boxset: Different to the first two seasons, but really nice.

3. On Wednesday there is a double bill season finale of Desperate Housewives. Should be good. This season has gone SO fast!

4. Neighbours isn't very good at the moment. I stopped watching for a while, then started again, but now I think I'll give it up for a bit again. Becuase I don't really enjoy it, and so what's the point of watching it? The writing is just getting dire.

5. God, I hate the World Cup. I think I am the only person in England who feels this way, but who cares. Even people who don't like football will watch some of it and want us to win. I want us to lose. I am so unpatriotic, it's laughable. I don't know, I've never felt very English or patriotic anyway and I don't give a crap about football, so why should I care if we win or not? I'm not sure why I'm so bitter, but I seem to keep going 'urgh' everytime I see someone with England flags on their car. I'm so horrible!
(I hope I now don't get a load of spam disisng me for saying this. But come on, I hate to break it to you, but sport isn't the most important thing in the world. It's a GAME.)

After that little rant, I will go because my lunch is ready.



Anonymous Clairee said...

its the fabulous me. I have noting bettr to do... well actually i do, i ahve french n music to do, but what th hell. You are annoyingly unpatriotic.... weeelll i am too, but i just had to give you a bit of crap about your comment post thing. I have just done history, and am dying silently in the corner..... eurgh.... i am dead. see you in heaven, or in hell, as i swear a lot :-( Love Clairee the angelee xxxxxxxxx :-)

12:01 PM


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