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Friday, August 11, 2006

It's amusing when things go wrong.

Wow, our first performance is over. I can't believe it. It went very well. I did not mess up my cueing (thank God) and neither did anyone else. One half funny/half panicky moment was when I cued for the lights to fade for a really dark, dim pub scene, which they did, but they then came up to full strength and the house lights came on too! (The actors luckily just carried on.) I could hear my lighting person going "Fuck! Fuck!" which was quite funny, and the lights soon went back to how they should be. Nothing much else went wrong, apart from in another play one of the doors we use onstage broke, which was very funny as a guy knocked on a door and it just swung open. This was also quite funny because when it had to be opened at the proper time there were all these sounds of bolts and locks being undone, as if it was incredibly firmly locked (although it had just swung open.) Ah, how I love the theatre.

Moving on, you may (or may not) notice a couple of changes in the sidebar over there --->

Yes, I have finally worked out how to do links and sidebar stuff! Yes, I know it's about time.

Firstly is the main links, which will pretty much stay the same unless one of my friend's creates a new blog, or I find a site that I'm constantly on. Below that is links to stuff that I like, such as films, TV or music. And below that is an interesting site that I have found that you might want to look at. Beware, they will be rather random. I'll try to change that each week.

Anyways, check out the links. They are rather cool. Oh, and let me know if any don't work.

Hey look, it's 25 to 12 again and I'm on here again. It's becoming kind of a routine now, late-night blogging. I'll go now though.

Tallie xxx


Blogger Livvie said...

Tal! MEME!!! I want it! Also, love the new links. I may change mine, they are getting quite boring.

1:49 AM

Anonymous em said...

Yayness I didn't mess up my cueing either! I didn't notice house lights coming up in your play, but that's 'cause me and Dan were probably talking, SR.

The door thing was funny. And when they got stuck in my play!

*is randomly commenting on all of your posts*

11:41 AM


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