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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Cousins

Sorry for the recent lack of posts. I haven't been spending much time on the computer.

My cousin and her boyfriend are over from Australia at the moment, and staying with us. They've done a big loop around the UK and next they're off to do a big loop around Europe. Lucky things. I'm not going abroad at all this summer. Oh well, I kind of like summer in England. It's nice and relaxed.

So, hence the cousin thing, I have been rather busy, showing them around the city. Fun, though. I have also been almost completely out of touch with my friends since we broke up, except for a few texts to Claire, so I'm sorry about that.

I actually have nothing else to say. Summer holidays really aren't that exciting. Oh wait, I have something. In 45 minutes I'm going to the dentist. Wow, I never thought this blog could get tht boring, but it has. I promise I'll write something more interesting this time. Anyway, in the meantime I'm off to review Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. No, wait, I don't have time. I will soon, though.

Tallie xxx


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