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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The trickiness of cueing

Wow. It's 25 to 12 and I'm sitting here, making a new blog entry. That's not exactly what you'd call responsible, since I have to be up at 8 tomorrow and then I'm going to be running around a theatre until 6. With three more days until our first performance, things are getting pretty hectic. And I still don't even have a script! Aargh!

Today we practised cueing along to a video from 'Blues Brothers, Soul Sisters' that Gemma, our teacher-type person, stage managed for several years ago. We had the script with the cues on and had to cue it in time to the Aretha Franklin song 'Think' (you know, that one that goes 'freedom (freedom)..... freedom (freedom).... freedom (freedom)...well, you'd probably recognise it anyway) . It is much harder than it looks, especially when you have to flick a switch at exactly the same time as saying the cue. It is like rubbing your tummy and patting your head while standing on one leg, saying your six times tables and eating a bowl of Coco Pops. I don't think our actual play will have very complicated cueing though, hopefully! Anyway, we practised a lot and by the end Gemma said I did it near-perfectly. So I'm feeling OK about it. I just have to remember to speak very quietly since I will be right next to the stage. I have a tendency to say "LX Q 13...." nice and quietly and then "Go" really loudly. So the whole audience will probably be able to hear me shouting "Go" every ten seconds, right before a lighting change. Oh well.

Well, now it's quarter to twelve and I really should go to bed. So I will. Sorry about the rambling.

Tallie xxx


Blogger Livvie said...

Heyo Tallio... You need to get me a ticket to your play. Is clairee coming, I can go with her. If not, I shall drag (er, I mean allow to come after hi begging me on bended knee for many days nights) Edd along. And I shall listen out for you saying GO! in a very loud voice. Although if your voice is very loud I will not have to listen out, I will just hear you. And so will everyone else.

10:40 AM

Anonymous Me said...

hey livvie (and tallie) no i am not going to the play as i HAVE NOT BEEN INVITED. some people eh? of course i dont know i am writing this on tallies blog. Anyway, how are you? i tried t send you a pic but i had to go offline. Anyway i am saying anyway quite a lot. anyway anyway anyway. i have got to go. well i dont i just thought i ought to say that to look like a busy person. which of course i am. anyway.... STOP IT CLAIRE. oh god i have started talking to myself. i think i ought to go now and preserve your sanity. Hi tallie, thanks for letting me use your blog as a sort of inbetween. Au revoir my lovalies (that is somebodys saying and i am not sure who, but i have nicked it). Ooh that was a lil mini essay there. Guten tag, love Clairee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ye i will stop now. Blame it on ziggy standing on the keyboard.

1:40 PM

Anonymous em said...

I'm so glad our plays weren't as complicated to Q as the practice we did with Gemma. Well, Ian's prologue was nearly as hard - did you see my prompt copy?!? crrrazy. And yeah I definatly did some verrah loud GOs during the show.. o.O

*is still randomly commenting on blog entries from weeks ago*

get a livejournal account!

11:45 AM

Anonymous em said...

your HTML tags have gone weird. my italics are shown as "/*. it's meant to say "see"

11:46 AM


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