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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Last day of school!!!

Only half a day left of school! Oh yeah! And tomorrow will be fun. I love the last day of school. Everyone's in such a good mood and you just do fun stuff. I'm doing a number from our Music Theatre Group performance (not solo, I mean, but all of us) which will be OK since we don't have to wear our God-awful leotards, head-dresses and tails. And since our headmistress is leaving tomorrow, we're having a special assembly for that, which I think I'm speaking in on behalf of my year. I think so, anyway. I don't know what I'm saying, or anything.

This school year has been fun. Fun, but a LOT of work at the same time. And I know that's only going to get worse in Year 11. Now that we're fairly high up in the school there is a sort of confidence that you have, to wear your uniform untidily, to have conversations with teachers, to boss about the younger pupils (hehe). Anyway, I can't believe we're going to be Year 11s. It's weird. What's even more weird though, is that I am going to be 16 in two months and six days. Aaaaah! I can't be 16! I'm not old enough! (You know what I mean.)

Even though I really liked being a Year 10, I'm looking forward to being a Sixth Former. That'll be cool. I just have to get through Year 11 first.

Well, that's about it. Sorry to my friends who have read this, since they've heard all this several times before.

Tallie xxx


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