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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Moving Rooms and Maria Looms

Yeah, OK, so the title doesn't make sense, but I wanted it to rhyme, OK? Anyway, as a result of Livvie's poking, I am posting. (Hey, that almost rhymes!)

Right now (like right this second) I am listening to Jonny Berliner. Anybody ever heard of him? I haven't. He's pretty good actually. I like it. I found his CD in my brother's room, unopened (maybe it was a gift?) and thought it looked interesting.

I'm moving into my brother's room at my dad's house (since brother dearest has gone off and moved to Amsterdam) which is good because it means I get a double cabin bed (how cool is that!?) and a much bigger room. He's still got most of his CDs there now, which I will sort through and steal anything I want, then put the rest away in boxes, since I'm going to use his gigantic CD shelving unit to hold books and DVDs. It's very exciting, moving into a new room, choosing stuff and arranging it how you want. So far I have bought new duvet and pillow covers and put them on the bed. That's it. I have to wait until my dad moves all his stuff out and into his new office at the end of September before I can take over officially. Hey, Livvie (or anyone I know) do you want a CD shelving thingy? It's black and fairly tall and narrow. It's been sitting empty in the room for like a year. I need to do something with it. If nobody wants it I'll just use it to store random crap in.

In other news, Meliz has left the Maria contest. That was the right choice, she wasn't right for the part. Her voice was way too operatic when she sung musical theatre stuff, too. She was good at the pop stuff but that's not what the contest is for now, is it? They have to get rid of Simona next (I did like her but now I don't and anyone can see she's not right for Maria) and also Helena, then Abi, Siobhan, etc. etc. (Can't be bothered to remember all their names) leaving Connie! Who craes that she came last in the fitness test? The point is that she kept saying she wanted to do it again, proving that she doesn't give up and she would persevere at whatever she does, and she was clearly upset that she had failed at something. It doesn't make me doubt her abilities at all. And I know they need stamina and everything, but it's a different kind of stamina then being able to run fast, for goodness sake. It's being able to give 110% for every performance, eight times a week. Not scrambling over walls faster than anyone else. Honestly! Also, I think the programme makers were pleased that they found a fault in Connie because at the moment she's head and shoulders above the rest in every other aspect.

This has turned into a pretty long post. I really should do some reviews at LCA since that has been a bit neglected recently. Since the last posting there I have seen Groundhog Day, Mystic Pizza, Hercules (thanks to Liv) and half of Monster-In-Law (not my idea, my Mum rented it because it had Jane Fonda in, whom she's been reading the autobiography of) but I couldn't watch the rest as it was the most Godawful crap I have ever seen. Avoid it AT ALL COSTS! I also have Back To The Future (also thanks to Liv), Swimfan and She's Alll That to watch. I'm babysitting tonight and tomorrow night though, so I should get through them nicely.

They're showing the latest season of Smallville again every week day on E4 and I must say, i;m really enjoying watching it again. Maybe because I know better now what's going on and who everyone is, as I didn't when I started watching it. I mean, I still don't get most of the sci fi-alien stuff, but never mind. On Friday there was a very amusing episode in which Lana joins a sorority who are actually vampires, and they turn her into a vampire. Extremely funny. I also loved the fact that the head of the sorority was called Buffy. Hehe, Buffy the Vampire. Anyway, tomorrow it's the episode that Livvie really liked, the one with the strip club, so I'll be sure to watch that. God, that sounds slightly wrong. Anyway... this is a really long post now, so I'll go.

Talliestar xxx


Blogger Livvie said...

Hehe. Poking.

anyway, yes you should review Hercules, tha most fabbest of films. I promise I won't eat you if you do bad rev. Probably.

11:52 AM

Blogger talliestar said...

I would but it might be kind of hard to do a review of a film like that. Oh I don't know, I'll have a go. (Wow, I'm really into this rhyming thing.)

4:07 AM


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