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Sunday, September 23, 2007

School, Sixth Form and suchlike

Sadly NYT is over - I've been back for exactly three weeks now. I miss it and all the people like crazy, and school seems pretty dull now because everyone is my age and female. For the first time ever I'm not enjoying the all-girls thing.

But still, school is pretty good. I'm glad I was able to come back from NYT to enter into something vaguely new and exciting. I like all my subjects - psychology is my favourite at the moment, everything we do is so fascinating and I really like the teacher. Drama is also a lot of fun and we're studying The Winter's Tale, which isn't too bad. French is pretty good, it hasn't got too hard yet because we're just revising the tenses but I'm preparing myself for the A-level standard to kick in and to be totally out of my depth. English is my least favourite lesson right now because the stuff we're doing isn't that interesting - Robert Frost poetry, phonology and the difference between written and spoken language. And it's not even as interesting as it sounds. Still, the course I'm doing has lots of cool-sounding bits in it so hopefully it will get better.

I'm also assistant directing the lower school (Years 7-9) production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, which I was really looking forward to, but it turns out I have no creative ideas whatsoever and I'm kind of expected to. I kind of wish I was just doing stage management, because I know I can do that, but I'm sure it will just take time for me to adjust. And tomorrow I get to do my first ever bit of casting, as we're holding auditions for the year 7s to be the fairies. Should be fun.

So right now my whole life is taken up with endless school commitments and constant missing of NYT. I kid you not, that is my entire life. However, I do have several short trips planned, two to London and one to Birmingham, which will be really good. I can't wait to get back to London again.

I've also decided I want to go to Exeter University, and I attended their open day last week. It has everything I'd want in a university, I'm just not sure what course I want to do! For the first time ever, I'm feeling uncertain about my future!

Really should be doing my homework - French exercises and a Frost poetry essay await. My life is just so darn exciting!

Tallie xxx