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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A small bit of excitement

OK, I was just on IMDb and I watched the trailer for The Truth About Love, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. This was filmed in the city I live in a couple of years ago and my brother went to help out on set once or twice (and met JLH, the lucky thing). Anyway, I just remembered about this and watched the trailer to see if I could see anywhere I recognise. Now, go and watch the trailer on IMDb and look out for about half way through it, there is a shot of a guy (I think he's on the phone) walking along a place with cobbled streets and big trees. There is a kind of little hut/kiosk behind him. That's where I went everyday while on the theatre course (along with the other techies) to have lunch! Right there! I mean, in that exact shot! Emily, who now reads this blog but is in Chicago at the moment, will especially appreciate this. I'm going to have to try and get hold of this movie to watch it to see other bits of the city I'd recognise, even though the film itself looks pretty crap.

Anyway, after that bit of excitement, onto another bit (for me, anyway). I've had my hair cut! OK, that really isn't very exciting. It is a LOT shorter though, and I love it. It looks good.

Well that's all for now. Be sure to check out that trailer!

Tallie xxx

Monday, August 28, 2006

Ooh, Jesse Bradford...

So, I watched Swimfan and She's All That last night (reviews to come). I won't ramble on about them here, I'll save it for the reviews, but I have two things to say:

1. Wow, Rachael Leigh Cook is unbeliveably pretty and a very good actress. I'm surprised she hasn't done more leading role stuff.

2. I have a new celebrity crush (actually, not new). Like Livvie, I'm not the type to have celebrity crushes, as there's not really much point, but I just love Jesse Bradford. He's probably the first actor I ever had a crush on, when I saw Bring It On when I was about 10 or so. Since then I've seen him in Clockstoppers (wow, I should rent that again) and most recently, Swimfan.
Anyway, I don't want to bore you so I won't ramble on about him. Instead I'll go and Google him.

Talliestar xxx

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Moving Rooms and Maria Looms

Yeah, OK, so the title doesn't make sense, but I wanted it to rhyme, OK? Anyway, as a result of Livvie's poking, I am posting. (Hey, that almost rhymes!)

Right now (like right this second) I am listening to Jonny Berliner. Anybody ever heard of him? I haven't. He's pretty good actually. I like it. I found his CD in my brother's room, unopened (maybe it was a gift?) and thought it looked interesting.

I'm moving into my brother's room at my dad's house (since brother dearest has gone off and moved to Amsterdam) which is good because it means I get a double cabin bed (how cool is that!?) and a much bigger room. He's still got most of his CDs there now, which I will sort through and steal anything I want, then put the rest away in boxes, since I'm going to use his gigantic CD shelving unit to hold books and DVDs. It's very exciting, moving into a new room, choosing stuff and arranging it how you want. So far I have bought new duvet and pillow covers and put them on the bed. That's it. I have to wait until my dad moves all his stuff out and into his new office at the end of September before I can take over officially. Hey, Livvie (or anyone I know) do you want a CD shelving thingy? It's black and fairly tall and narrow. It's been sitting empty in the room for like a year. I need to do something with it. If nobody wants it I'll just use it to store random crap in.

In other news, Meliz has left the Maria contest. That was the right choice, she wasn't right for the part. Her voice was way too operatic when she sung musical theatre stuff, too. She was good at the pop stuff but that's not what the contest is for now, is it? They have to get rid of Simona next (I did like her but now I don't and anyone can see she's not right for Maria) and also Helena, then Abi, Siobhan, etc. etc. (Can't be bothered to remember all their names) leaving Connie! Who craes that she came last in the fitness test? The point is that she kept saying she wanted to do it again, proving that she doesn't give up and she would persevere at whatever she does, and she was clearly upset that she had failed at something. It doesn't make me doubt her abilities at all. And I know they need stamina and everything, but it's a different kind of stamina then being able to run fast, for goodness sake. It's being able to give 110% for every performance, eight times a week. Not scrambling over walls faster than anyone else. Honestly! Also, I think the programme makers were pleased that they found a fault in Connie because at the moment she's head and shoulders above the rest in every other aspect.

This has turned into a pretty long post. I really should do some reviews at LCA since that has been a bit neglected recently. Since the last posting there I have seen Groundhog Day, Mystic Pizza, Hercules (thanks to Liv) and half of Monster-In-Law (not my idea, my Mum rented it because it had Jane Fonda in, whom she's been reading the autobiography of) but I couldn't watch the rest as it was the most Godawful crap I have ever seen. Avoid it AT ALL COSTS! I also have Back To The Future (also thanks to Liv), Swimfan and She's Alll That to watch. I'm babysitting tonight and tomorrow night though, so I should get through them nicely.

They're showing the latest season of Smallville again every week day on E4 and I must say, i;m really enjoying watching it again. Maybe because I know better now what's going on and who everyone is, as I didn't when I started watching it. I mean, I still don't get most of the sci fi-alien stuff, but never mind. On Friday there was a very amusing episode in which Lana joins a sorority who are actually vampires, and they turn her into a vampire. Extremely funny. I also loved the fact that the head of the sorority was called Buffy. Hehe, Buffy the Vampire. Anyway, tomorrow it's the episode that Livvie really liked, the one with the strip club, so I'll be sure to watch that. God, that sounds slightly wrong. Anyway... this is a really long post now, so I'll go.

Talliestar xxx

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? Not Like This!

Howdy guys 'n' gals! (Actually, it's probably just gals but WTF).

Today I'm going to take my inspiration from Livvie (like I've never done that before!) and have a rant. Said rant shall be about the new series How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?. Prepare yourselves. This is going to be a long haul.

Firstly, when I heard they were going to do a series about Andrew Lloyd Webber finding a girl to play Maria in the new production of The Sound of Music, I was excited. "Yay! A new kind of Musicality!" I said (Musicality being a series about two years ago about finding five unknown people to star in a big West End musical for one night). Then I heard that it was going to be voted for by that most wonderful of peoples, the great British Public. "Oh crap," I thought. "What a sucky idea." You can't let the public vote for something like that! OK, Pop Idol, X Factor, etc. etc. is fine (albeit utter crap) because all the person is getting is a record deal (and money and a car and whatnot) and after one hit Number 1 song they will fizzle out like a snuffed candle. For this, they have to find someone to play a specific part, not just someone with talent, someone who will have to perform eight shows a week in front of two thousand people and carry the entire show on their shoulders. Now whose terrible idea was it to have the public choose who should play it? I wouldn't let the British public choose what I'm going to wear in the morning! That is Reason Why This Show Is Crap Number 1.

Next, those judges are awful. OK, John Barrowman is pretty good looking and very nice and extremely talented (have you heard him sing?). I like him. He's fine. Zoe Tyler, however, does not have a very attractive personality, is trying to be like Simon Cowell and... well, I just don't like her. I know they have to be tough, but you can be tough and supportive as well. The Musicality judges were an ideal example of this. And that guy David Ian... urgh. They say he's the most powerful man in theatre. I've never heard of him! What the heck has he done before? (and that's not sarcastic or anything, I actually want to know). And he's all slimy and... urgh.
Andrew Lloyd Webber is a good composer but he's a bit of a prick and he's just being used by the BBC. They keep going on about how he's a lord. For fuck's sake, thousands of people are lords, it doesn't mean he's that special. That is Reason Number 2.

Moving on, why do they keep getting those girls to sing pop songs??? HELLO, it's a role in a musical, not a record contract. In fact, I know why they do it, it's because they want to rope in lots of viewers (and younger viewers as well) who don't know/want to hear/care about songs from musicals. So they're trying to make it like Pop Idol/X Factor. I mean, with some of the girls, I think they're evry talented and all, but we've never heard them do a musical theatre song so I can't judge how they'd be is they played Maria. I knwo they want to see the girls be versatile and whatnot, but come on! One or two pop songs each is enough, surely. And so we have Reason Number 3.

Urgh, the BBC. I'm sorry, but I just don't like them (no offence to anyone working there, like Claire's mum, unless they're any sort of chief executive or commissioning editor, in which case screw you.) Have you SEEN those adverts they do now? Like the one which says 'Would you commission a sitcom by someone who had never directed, acted, written, or done anything else remotely worthwhile?' (or words to that effect) and then shows that clip from The Office that we've all seen about a million times, and then says 'This is what we do. Haha, aren't we so brilliant and amazing, the BBC.' How arrogant can you get? I know it's just years of bitterness haned down from by parents being turned down by the BBC whenever they propose anything the slightest bit arty or intellectual. Now, I know the BBC's programmes aren't as bad as ITV's, but at least ITV doesn't try to be all clever and posh. They just accept that they aren't. Aaaanyway, after that slight diversion, I hate how they put the programme together. They SO over-dramatise everything and just try to make it be like the other aforementioned singing contest shows. Reason Number 4.

The funny thing is, even though I can't stand how they do the show and put it together and everything, I'm still hooked by it. Livvie, which one do you like? Personally, I think Connie is miles better than all the others, she looks the part, she can act and sing brilliantly, basically, she's perfect. If I were casting it (and God, how I wish I was!) I'd choose her in a nanosecond, no question. She's the only one REMOTELY good enough. That said, all the girls are very talented and could all get parts in musicals, they just aren't right for this particular role.

So even though I can't stand the programme, I can't wait for it each Saturday night, even if it's just to scream at the TV for how badly they're doing it.

Talliestar xxx

P.S. For those of you who have never watched the show, or even heard of it, I'm sorry. This must have been very boring to read.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Last Kiss preview

I tried to be really cool and fancy and have a video for the trailer of The Last Kiss on here, whixh I got from but the html code didn't work. Bloody Blogger! Ah well, you can see it just by clicking on the Zach Braff link just there -----> so it's not too much of a travesty.

Talliestar xxx

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ooh, a literary meme

Bonjour. I haven't been posting much since I have been spending the last week on a canal boat, with Clarence. It was very fun, but unfortunately not very good weather. We did play LOTS of games of Gin Rummy though. Seriously. I think the final number was at least fifty.

Anyway, here is a literary meme (my first, in fact.) Let's see how it goes, and hope for the best.

(a few minutes later) OK, that is a hard meme. I'm tired, and I want to watch last week's recorded episode of How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? (yes, it is totally crap but I'm a musical geek so I have to.) I will try again when I'm feeling cleverer (I think you can tell from my use of that word that that time is not now.)

Tonight I'm going to dinner with my friend-from-out-of-school Eleanor for her birthday, with some other friends of hers from her posh boarding school. It'll be OK, I hope. Tomorrow I'm going out with two stage management people, which will be fun. I miss B.O.V!

Talliestar xxx

Friday, August 11, 2006

It's amusing when things go wrong.

Wow, our first performance is over. I can't believe it. It went very well. I did not mess up my cueing (thank God) and neither did anyone else. One half funny/half panicky moment was when I cued for the lights to fade for a really dark, dim pub scene, which they did, but they then came up to full strength and the house lights came on too! (The actors luckily just carried on.) I could hear my lighting person going "Fuck! Fuck!" which was quite funny, and the lights soon went back to how they should be. Nothing much else went wrong, apart from in another play one of the doors we use onstage broke, which was very funny as a guy knocked on a door and it just swung open. This was also quite funny because when it had to be opened at the proper time there were all these sounds of bolts and locks being undone, as if it was incredibly firmly locked (although it had just swung open.) Ah, how I love the theatre.

Moving on, you may (or may not) notice a couple of changes in the sidebar over there --->

Yes, I have finally worked out how to do links and sidebar stuff! Yes, I know it's about time.

Firstly is the main links, which will pretty much stay the same unless one of my friend's creates a new blog, or I find a site that I'm constantly on. Below that is links to stuff that I like, such as films, TV or music. And below that is an interesting site that I have found that you might want to look at. Beware, they will be rather random. I'll try to change that each week.

Anyways, check out the links. They are rather cool. Oh, and let me know if any don't work.

Hey look, it's 25 to 12 again and I'm on here again. It's becoming kind of a routine now, late-night blogging. I'll go now though.

Tallie xxx

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The trickiness of cueing

Wow. It's 25 to 12 and I'm sitting here, making a new blog entry. That's not exactly what you'd call responsible, since I have to be up at 8 tomorrow and then I'm going to be running around a theatre until 6. With three more days until our first performance, things are getting pretty hectic. And I still don't even have a script! Aargh!

Today we practised cueing along to a video from 'Blues Brothers, Soul Sisters' that Gemma, our teacher-type person, stage managed for several years ago. We had the script with the cues on and had to cue it in time to the Aretha Franklin song 'Think' (you know, that one that goes 'freedom (freedom)..... freedom (freedom).... freedom (freedom)...well, you'd probably recognise it anyway) . It is much harder than it looks, especially when you have to flick a switch at exactly the same time as saying the cue. It is like rubbing your tummy and patting your head while standing on one leg, saying your six times tables and eating a bowl of Coco Pops. I don't think our actual play will have very complicated cueing though, hopefully! Anyway, we practised a lot and by the end Gemma said I did it near-perfectly. So I'm feeling OK about it. I just have to remember to speak very quietly since I will be right next to the stage. I have a tendency to say "LX Q 13...." nice and quietly and then "Go" really loudly. So the whole audience will probably be able to hear me shouting "Go" every ten seconds, right before a lighting change. Oh well.

Well, now it's quarter to twelve and I really should go to bed. So I will. Sorry about the rambling.

Tallie xxx

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Ah, the wonders of MySpace. I'm registered with this overwhelmingly popular site (, feel free to add me as a friend) but I don't use it much. I mean I only registered to see my friends' profiles. However, I was spending some time on there today, updating my interests section and so on, and I started searching for things in the box at the top of the page. I'd type in one of my favourite movies for example, and up came hundreds of people who had mentioned that movie on their profiles. I know that isn't that amazing, but know I see how MySpace is for meeting people who share your interests. It's really very clever. When I typed in 'musicals', up came a load of people who are, like me, crazy about musicals! I immediately wanted to make friends with all of them, but I didn't. I know you can also do lots of other exciting things on MySpace like upload videos and what have you, but I really can't be bothered with all that.

Anyway, the theatre course is going well, I have had yesterday and today off because it is a weekend (duh!). I have also unfortunately come down with a cold this wekend, so I hope I'll be better by tomorrow. Luckily it means I get to stay in reading and watching stuff all day so I can get better. To some people this would be awful, to me it's great. I don't feel like I should go out and do something, or get some exercise, because I'm recovering. Hehe. What's not so great is blowing your nose so much that it starts to bleed and you get blood all over your new pyjamas, and afterwards you have to be really careful when blowing your nose, until the other nostril starts bleeding and it starts all over again. Urgh. Colds are horrible, especially in the summer.

Well, I must be off.

Tallie xx

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The funny video

My lovely friend Livi sent me a link to this video and I thought I would share it with the world. It's really funny. Here you go: Knock yourself out.

Oh yeah, also:

Your Blog Should Be Yellow
You're a cheerful, upbeat blogger who tends to make everyone laugh.You are a great storyteller, and the first to post the latest funny link.You're also friendly and welcoming to everyone who comments on your blog.
What Color Should Your Blog Be?

OK, so my blog isn't yellow. My profile picture is though!

You Are Periwinkle
You're very intuitive and sensitive. You often know other people better than they know themselves.You're also quite optimistic, and you think well of yourself and others. You know your dreams will come true.

What Color Blue Are You?

I'll let you decide how true they are!

I'm sorry the links don't work. I'm not sure what the links are, but they came from where there are a million other quizzes just like those.

Talsie xxx