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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Random blogging

I just found this - It's a sequel to the Titanic!!!! Not really, of course, but they did it extremely well. Anyway, take a look.

Recently I have been random blogging, thanks to my friend Livi who told me she did it. \So now I spend quite a bit of time browsing through random blogs. Most are really boring, a lot are in a foreign language so I can't understand them, but some are really cool. I have also realised that lots of people have really cool layouts and graphics on their blogs, and here I am with the boring template design. When I have the time and I'm feeling brainy I'll try and do something with this layout. Anyway, as I was browsing I came across this blog - and I just thought the marzipan babies were so cool! (Find them under the April archive section)


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Natalie Portman in a different light...

1. Take a look at this: It's just funny!

2. On another note, I FINALLY watched The Horse Whisperer last night. It was really, really good. And directed by Robert Redford! I didn't realise that until the credits at the end. Amazing cinematography. I've also decided that I want to go to Montana some dayand ride horses!

3. Johnny (on The OC) dies!?!?! I actually knew that was going to happen, but still. Very dramatic, falling off a cliff. And the episode was called 'The Cliffhanger', which is quite funny.

4. Smallville was really good this week, although a little scary. The dead girl and the psychotic killer dude were creepy.

5. I am waiting for my friend Claire to come round (she's 40 minutes late) and I have nothing to do. I should phone her, make sure she's on her way.


Monday, April 03, 2006

It's magic!

This is so cool! I was amazed by it at first, but now I've figured out how it works.


I have broken up! Yay!
Nothing much to say actually, except that I LOVE the Garden State soundtrack, and I now have a MySpace profile - It's not actually very interesting, but whatever. It means I can view my friend's profiles.
Well, I'm watching The Horse Whisperer tonight with my dad. Don't know what it's like, but I'll let you know.
Wow, thare's actually nothing else to say. I'm so boring!
Tallie xxx