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Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm back from South Africa! It was pretty good, rained every day though, which was unfortunate. Luckily it was sunny for a bit so I am a little more tanned than I was. I checked my emails once when I was there at that Internet cafe I said was so slow, but they've updated their computers and now theyre really fast! But I still couldn't update the blog becuase I only had a ten-minute period online.

I've applied to be an ambassador for Meg Cabot in the UK! Check it out -

Films I watched travelling to and in South Africa:
- Garden State (I actually watched this before I left, but whatever). I LOVED it! It was so real and fresh! I want to have it on DVD. I strongly recommend it to everyone! Also, Zach Braff played the lead role, directed and wrote it, which is pretty impressive. He's also in Scrubs, which I watched four episodes of on the plane and probably annoyed everyone sitting around me by laughing too much.
- How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. I saw this for the third time. It's not bad, pretty typical romcom.
- The Family Stone. Saw it in the cinema with my uncle's wife (I really need to get used to calling her my aunt). Saw it before Christmas but watched it again. It's good. I want to spend Christmas in a place like that! I love that house!
- Bee Season. Saw this on the plane. Didn't really get some of it. It was OK but not really very enjoyable. Max Minghella is very good.
- My Date With Drew. OK, a documentary rather than a movie, whatever. It was sweet, got a bit boring around the middle but I loved the ending.

I also bought the Titanic 5-disc special limited collector's edition thingy, or whatever it's called. Lots of special features and stuff in a nice boxset. And I bought The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, which I watched (for the second time) last night. It's such a good film!

At the moment I am reading Notes From A Big Country by Bill Bryson. I love him! He's hilarious! I've also read The Lost Continent and some of Made in America.

Today I have to do LOADS of homework, watch the second OC episode I missed, and watch Raise Your Voice, the Hilary Duff movie that has arrived. I'm not expecting much, it being a Hilary Duff movie, but it's about a performing arts camp or school or something, so I might like it.

Gotta go make pancakes for breakfast now. I'm starving.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

This is something from meg cabot's blog I really liked. Note this is not my work and I do not take credit for it. I'm not witty enough to write like this.

I know some people will say that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were the most important events in 2005, along with the war in Iraq. But I'm afraid they are overlooking what most people consider the most devastating thing that happened this year. And that, of course, was the shrinking of my boobs. Seriously. Anyone who saw my movie Herbie: Fully Loaded—or just saw the publicity for it, since no one actually SAT THROUGH that movie—knows that my boobs were huge in it. They were so gargantuan that Disney had to get them digitally reduced because someone complained I looked too much like a healthy normal girl, and not enough like an unnaturally skinny movie star. So, I figured, hey, I want to be an unnaturally skinny movie star, not a healthy normal girl—I mean, duh!--so if they're that big, maybe I should just get “exhaustion,” check into a hospital, and come out twenty pounds lighter, then smoke a lot and hang out with Nicole Ritchie. So I did. And it worked! My boobs are practically gone! Even Wilmer came up to me at Butter and was all, “Damn, woman, what the hell happened to your boobs? and I said, “I don't know, Wilmer, why don't you go ask your new girlfriend, Ashlee?” It isn't my fault that he's so stupid he actually did, and that then Ashlee wrote that song about me. In which she lied. Because she did so steal my boyfriend. And I'm totally getting her back for it, too. Wait till she hears MY new song…it's called WHO'S GOT EXHAUSTION NOW, HUH, BEEYOTCH?Happy New Year, everyone!

2005. Wow. Well, obviously, in 2005, I wrote a book. At least, I think I did. It's hard to remember. 2005 was so long ago! And let's see, what else? I know there's something….Oh, yeah, I broke up with my fiancé! And my best friend, Paris, too. But she deserved it, after what she did. At least, I think she did, it's hard to remember. God, I'm hungry. What? No, I didn't say I was hungry. God, no! I never get hungry! I work out with a trainer and consume five high-protein low fat meals a day. I'm NEVER hungry. I eat all the time! Look, gum! I'm chewing gum! That's totally, like, two calories.Wait. What was the question?

Hi, everybody! 2005 was certainly a year to remember. I got engaged, and then I got disengaged. I stole an Olson twin's boyfriend (don't ask me which one, I can't tell them apart. Boyfriends, I mean. Not the twins, silly!). Oh, and I opened a bunch of clubs and broke up with my best friend Nicole. Who fully deserved it, after what she did. Did you hear she wrote a book? Yeah, it's all about me. Because she's obsessed with me. She wants to BE me. It's sick.I'm so glad I have my new best friend, Kimberly Stewart. She's WAY more stable than Nicole. Well, except for that thing where she was engaged to that kid from Laguna Beach for a minute. But whatever. We all make mistakes. Hey, I got a monkey, and it turned out to be a raccoon! Whatevs. Happy New Year!

Oh, hey, happy New Year to all of you. And to my harujuku girls, too. Not that I care about them anymore. Now I don't need to dress up random Japanese girls in cute costumes, because soon I will have my own mini-me to dress up. Yes, I'm pregnant at last. I guess I won't have to dodge that pesky “feminism” question anymore. Phew! ?Cause everyone knows feminists don't have babies. Or shave their legs.Even better, by getting pregnant, I finally proved that I don't care about Tony anymore. Not at all. I have my new baby. And my husband, too, of course.And okay, he already has a kid with someone else, but that doesn't matter, because I proved I can get pregnant, too. And without Tony. Tony can just go…date someone else. Which he's doing. Actually, he's been doing that since he broke up with me, like, ten years ago. Not that I care. I mean, I think my songs prove I don't care. All I care about is my baby. The baby Tony didn't have with me.

Hey, ya'll! Well, 2005 was certainly quite a year! Hurricane Katrina devastated my beloved home state—kinda like the way Kevin devastated my bank account. At least, according to my mom. Ha! Kidding! No, seriously, ya'll, my baby, Sean Preston, was born in 2005, and that will always make this year precious to me. I'll be able to look into my baby's tiny face and think about the good times…like when I had his father's Ferrari towed because Daddy was partying way too late, wasn't he, Seany? Oh, and the time I threw Kevin out because he and his bodyguard were buying weed in Mommy's driveway….remember that, honey? Daddy's so funny, with his wacky weed!Seriously, ya'll, I have just been so blessed. I hope ya'll can have a baby, too, because until you've looked into the eyes of your newborn, you don't know what real love—KEVIN!!!! DID YOU HIDE YOUR WEED IN THE BABY'S DIAPER??? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?????

Yo, yo, yo, wassup, homies? 2005 was WHACK. I'm not frontin'! Man, I don't gots TIME to front, I got three kids now. THREE. And I gots to support, like, two of'em. All by myself. ?Cause a man gots to stand up for himself, you know what I'm sayin'? I don't want to be accused of being no scrub, like I was LAST time I checked this blog. ?Cause I ain't no scrub. Like it says in my song, which you could hear if I ever get my new website to work, “Back then, they call me K-fed, but you can call me Daddy instead--”Oh, hang on. YEAH, BRIT? WHAT'S THE MATTER?Oops, gots to go, man. My woman's not happy. Peace out.



OK, so I haven't updated this blog for 10 days. I haven't had a spare moment. Actually that's not true, I've had loads of spare moments, I just kept forgetting.

Anyway, I'm going to South Africa on Sunday! Yay! I won't be able to update while I'm there because my grandparents (who we're staying with) practically still live in the Dark Ages and have no computer. There is an Internet cafe nearby but I don't think South Africa has got broadband yet so the Internet is DEATHLY slow. I mean you could go and get your week's shopping done and come back in the space of time it takes one page to load. And I HATE slow computers (I'm spoilt like that, having grown up with broadband) so no computing for me until I get back (Thursday after next).

I have a maths test tomorrow (on circle theorems - can you think of anything more boring?) and I REALLY need to revise. Oh CRAP! I forgot to take my book home. &*%$£*$!!!!! Oh well, I can revise a bit tomorrow during lunch break.

In other news, I have seen The Stepford Wives, which was OKish, and West Side Story, which I hadn't seen since I was tiny. It's so good! I LOVE the music and the dancing. I REALLY need to watch Brokeback Mountain since all my friends are going out and seeing it and it's weird becuase I'm never the one who hasn't seen the film. I'm always the one who has seen the film. Even my friend Claire, who never watches anything and is completely clueless about movies and stuff has seen it. So I shall watch it.... tomorrow.

Moving on to a related subject, the Oscar nominations are out! Pretty much as expected, though I'm glad Reese Witherspoon and Kiera Knightley are up for Best Actress. I really want to know what will win! I'll have to wait a month and a bit.

Note the slightly different, more conventional way of setting out entries (not in numbered bullet points). I just wanted to try something different. I have three films I need to watch before going away (which is so NOT going to happen): Garden State, There's Something About Mary and D.E.B.S. Please let me know opinions on them. I don't even know what D.E.B.S is about. I think it'll be kinda bad. And There's Something About Mary is like a gross-out comedy, so not expecting too much from that. I really want to see Garden State though.

I have started watching both Smallville and Scrubs, both of whihc are cool. I like Smallville, I'm not so interested in the whole sci-fi bad guy thing, but I like Clark and Lana, and Chloe's really cool. Scrubs is weird when you first watch it but it's also really funny. Zach Braff (coincidentally also in Garden State) is very lovable and I like Elliot. Do J.D. and Elliot ever get together? They should.

God, it's almost 10pm and I haven't done any homework. Wow, I'm becoming a bit of a rebel! I've never been a rebel, I'm more of a goody-goody and a geek. Even if I spend a lot of lessons passing notes with Claire. And doodling. God, I really should start paying more attention in lessons.

This has turned out to be quite long. I didn't know I had so much to say.

Ooh! I've started Helen O Grady Drama Academy. It's fun. And I'll be helping with a Rainbows (girl guides for ages 5-7) pack from Easter.

Well, I'm sure I'm boring all the hoards of people who avidly read this blog. (Ha!) I'm off to study. Lucky me!