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Sunday, January 22, 2006

1. I forgot to mention this on my last two entries, but I saw Pleasantville last Saturday night. It was really good, and very interesting. Im not going to bother explaining about it here, but if anyones reading this and hasn't seen it, look it up because it's really very intelligent and well done. In my opinion.

2. Also saw Cruel Intentions on Thursday night. Also very well done (God, it sounds like a steak or something, doesn't it?). Very wicked and risque, but good. It starts out being pretty amoral and I was wondering how it would end, because you can't have a film end when the bad characters are still being bad and haven't learnt any important life lessons (this is Hollywood, after all) but if it went really slushy and sentimental and righteous at the end it wouldn't work and wouldn't be as good. And I think they did it really well. The 'baddies' either turned good or got what they deserved (so parents won't complain, although thinking about that, they probably would anyway, due to the content of the film), without being all preachy and stuff. Anyway, I think there's a Cruel Intentions 2 and 3, so I'll have to see those. Probably won't be as good, but still.

3. I have a HUGE English essay to do today. On Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
'Some critics believe Alec and Angel combine to destroy the woman they love, others believe Tess is a victim of her own pessimistic fatalism. What is your view?'
So if anyone has anything interesting to say about that, please leave a comment ASAP!!!! (I would put my email address, but I don't want to.)

Right, gotta go and start that. Blurgh. Why did I chose to go to such a highly academic school???????


Thursday, January 19, 2006

1. I did my audition today! It went fine, don't know if I'll get a solo though.

2. 'Desperate Housewives' started again last night! It was very good. Who's in the basement of the new people's house? And Zach is Mike's son?????

3. I'm going to watch 'Cruel Intentions' tonight (if I get my homework done on time). I think I'll like it, but I'm not entirely sure what to expect.

4. Oh, phone's ringing. Hold on. Nope, wasn't.

5. 'Neighbours' is SO exciting right now! There's been a plane crash and we don't know who survives!!! Kind of a mixture between Lost and Titanic (lots of floating around in freezing water, clinging onto loved ones)

6. I'm going ice-skating (again!) on Saturday and then on to a friend's party. I think it's just movies and pizza and stuff.

7. Ooh! The BAFTA nominations are out! Cant be bothered to list them, check them out at Now we have to decide who to vote for! Hmm...

8. Saw a bit of 'Regarding Henry' which was on last night. I recognize the girl playing Harrison Ford's daughter. I'm gonna go and imdb her.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

1. I watched E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial last night. It was pretty good, very sweet and quite sad.

2. The Golden Globes were last night. I'm pleased with what the results were, although my mum's disappointed Tsotsi didn't get Best Foreign Language film. I'd like to watch them tonight but I don't have the channels its being shown on (damn!). Besides, The O.C. is tonight!!!

3. Desperate Housewives is starting tomorrow night! Yay! I also have a Parents' Evening at my school that afternoon, but I'm not too worried because my report before Christmas was pretty good.

4. On Thursday I'm auditioning for a solo in the Music Theatre Group I'm in at school. It's pretty scary, I haven't sung solo in front of anyone (except my family) for AGES. I used to do loads of singing but nowadays I only sing in choirs, so I don't really know how good my voice is now! I have to practise tonight. In fact, I have to practise right now, and do my homeowork.

Well, I'd better get started!

By the way, isn't this so cute?????


I have to do my homework.



Wednesday, January 11, 2006

1. Yes, I've been at those quizzes again. Here are the results:
(From, a very good and funny site.)

Take the What Type of Friend areYou? quiz, and visit

What Type of Villain are You?

1. Oops, I haven't written for over a week (not that anyone cares, but still. I should be updating regularly.)

2. is offically one of my favourite sites!

3. I'm back at school. The chemistry test was OK. I have a Physics test tomorrow. (Great.)

4. 'Just Like Heaven' was pretty good actually. I would have done a review but it's too long ago now and I can't remember enough about it. Anyway, it was an enjoyable romcom and not actually too predictable.

5. I now want to see 'Casanova'. We've been sent the screenplay and I've read that and it's a fun story, so now I want to see the film (becuase annoyingly they didn't send us that.)

6. 'The OC' has started again!!!!! Saw it last night. Very good. I'll be watching it again tonight, because my dad wants to watch it with me.

7. Oh crap, I've missed Neighbours. Oh well.

8. I know it seems like all I think about it TV and films but nobody would really be interested in what's happening in my life. So that's why the subject topic is mainly stuff other people can relate too. How thoughtful I am :)

Caio! (Is that how you spell that?)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

1. OK, so I didn't come back later. But I'm here now.

2. I'm going to see 'Just Like Heaven' today with a friend. I post a review of it when I'm next on here.

4. Oh, Happy New Year! I was meant to be going to a sleepover party at a friend's but I got sick that day so I only went for a bit and came back before 10. I watched the fireworks in London on TV though, they were amazing.

5. Exactly one week until the new season of The OC!!!!!!!!!!! Also exactly one week until I go back to school :( . I really need to get started on my homework. Oh God, I have a Chemistry test first day back! I totally forgot!

Well, gotta go.