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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A small bit of excitement

OK, I was just on IMDb and I watched the trailer for The Truth About Love, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. This was filmed in the city I live in a couple of years ago and my brother went to help out on set once or twice (and met JLH, the lucky thing). Anyway, I just remembered about this and watched the trailer to see if I could see anywhere I recognise. Now, go and watch the trailer on IMDb and look out for about half way through it, there is a shot of a guy (I think he's on the phone) walking along a place with cobbled streets and big trees. There is a kind of little hut/kiosk behind him. That's where I went everyday while on the theatre course (along with the other techies) to have lunch! Right there! I mean, in that exact shot! Emily, who now reads this blog but is in Chicago at the moment, will especially appreciate this. I'm going to have to try and get hold of this movie to watch it to see other bits of the city I'd recognise, even though the film itself looks pretty crap.

Anyway, after that bit of excitement, onto another bit (for me, anyway). I've had my hair cut! OK, that really isn't very exciting. It is a LOT shorter though, and I love it. It looks good.

Well that's all for now. Be sure to check out that trailer!

Tallie xxx


Blogger Livvie said...

Ooh! Ooh! Excitement! Post/ send me a piccy of yer hair my lovaly! I want to see it. Also, I love seeing places I know on TV, even on regional news or whatnot. It's stupidly exciting.

11:10 AM

Anonymous Em said...

LOL that's so cool! That place rules. And yeah, I ain't in Chicago anymore :D It was awesome!

1:18 AM

Blogger talliestar said...

Um... well you can see my hair on Tuesday. It's not that exciting but I really like it. Slightly reminiscent of yours when you frst had it cut in Y9 but longer.

Emily, glad you had a good time. You'll have to tell me all about it. And I know, isn't it cool! I saw it on the trailer and I was like, hang on, that place looks familiar, aso I stopped it and realised that's where we had lunch everyday for two weeks! It's so exciting, lol.

2:24 AM


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