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Friday, September 15, 2006

Miss Saigon and my birthday

I found this today - You can watch clips from Miss Saigon! (Yes, I know, only I would get excited about that, but whatever.) I recommend you watch the top video, as that is from a gala evening held about 8 years ago to celebrate Cameron Mackintosh. I have that on DVD. The cast is amazing and is basically the Original Cast. The main girl is Lea Salonga who is one of my favourite musical theatre performers ever. She is also on my Les Miserables DVD. Anyway, watch that one rather than the bottom video, which is a different production and, while it includes more songs than the other one, I have serious issues with the casting.

Yeah, I know nobody is going to actually be interested in all that, but I don't care. Nobody's forcing you to read this.

In other news, I'm turing 16 on Sunday! That is quite freaky. I'm slightly annoyed with myself since I opened an envelope that was addressed to me that was lying about. I know, it's stupid to do that two days before your birthday, but the address was typed and stuff, so I figured it wouldn't be a birthday card. I caught a glimpse of what is was before hastily putting it out of sight. I think it is what my parents have been planning, and I'll leave it at that.

Tha Last Kiss opened in America today. I still have to wait like a month before it opens here. Darn it...

Not much else to say really. I should really get on wth some homework, since I don't have much time this weekend. Urgh, I hate schoolwork. Actually I don't, I'm just lazy.

Tallie xxx


Blogger Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Talliestar!!!! Sixteen! Wow! I hope it is an excellent year!

5:04 PM

Blogger talliestar said...

Thanks Shannon. I can't believe I'm sixteen!

5:31 AM

Blogger The Good Girl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALLIE!!!!!! birhtday post will be coming on my blog this evening

6:23 AM

Anonymous em said...


8:29 AM


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