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Monday, September 11, 2006


So, today's five years since 9/11. It's a coincidence that 9/11 is the same numbers as 911, the Amercian emergency services number. Weird.

In Drama we have to put together a piece about September 11th. I think it'll be pretty difficult, but very interesting.

A while ago I read Meg Cabot's experiences of 9/11 on her blog, and thought it was interesting. Have a look:

It's interesting how when a tragic event like that happens, it really shows the very best in human behaviour, with everyone being so brave and heroic and helping each other. But then, of course, you think of the people who were responsible for the attacks and that just shows you some of the worst of human behaviour. Hmm.

Tallie xxx


Anonymous moi said...

tallie i am complaining again. read your posts before you post them. Do you realsise how many times you used the phrase 'it's interesting' in that post? well i cant be bothered to go back and count as dial with dial up it takes me a while to load up each page and i would have to write all this again... but anyway it was a lot of time. And do you know what is interesting. me telling you off for saying 'its interesting' the whole time. anyway i am learning greek atm(well supposed to be anyway) and have just realised what a bastard psmettichus is for locking those poor helpless wee children in a shed for their childhood. I mean, hello. social skills?! "yoo hoo over here, i am important for making this child not emotionally retarded and therefore bullied and KILLED.hmph" says the social skills. Also on the subject of social, have you done your social homework yet? remember...?! love me xxx

12:53 PM

Anonymous you should know by now said...

its me again, this time only complaining slightly...
here is an interesting adress for those of you who insist on hating neighbours ie YOU. that was my complaint by the way- that you hate neighbours. Anyway it is maybe you can compare notes? love me xxx

1:04 PM

Blogger talliestar said...

Ah, a post wouldn't be a post without Claire commenting on it, complaining about something. And yes, I did realise how many times I used the word 'interesting', I was just in a hurry and couldn't be bothered to change it.

I will have a look at that site, but I would like to clarify that in no way do I hate Neighbours, I just thought it was getting really bad so I stopped watching it because I didn't enjoy it. There's no point in watching a show you don't enjoy now is there?

9:04 AM


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