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Sunday, September 17, 2006

I can now play the lottery.... amongst other things!

Wow, I am 16. Weird. I had a great birthday with Liv, Jen and Claire (love you guys!). But anyway, thankyou to the people who left a happy birthday comment.

In much bigger news than my birthday, CONNIE WON! She is going to play Maria! (Until that other girl takes over, but whatever.) I am so happy about that. I knew, from the second ever show (I didn't watch the first), that she was the right person for the role. I'm going to make such a good casting director one day. But boasting aside, I'm so pleased she won! I voted about 10 times last night. And now for my birthday I got two tickets to see The Sound of Music in December! Woo! So hopefully I'll be able to see her in action. Yay!

It's kinda late and I have school tomorrow, but I'm too excited to go to bed. I'll go and watch some OC instead (I have the Season 3 boxset now!).


Tallie xxx


Blogger mosker said...

Happy Birthday Tallie!

6:44 PM

Blogger talliestar said...

Thank you!

9:35 AM


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