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Sunday, September 03, 2006

100 Things About Me

Once again I am going to rip off Livvie's ideas and use them in my own blog, so here is a list of 100 things that you may (or may not) already know about me.

1. I have an obsessive personality. If I like something, I really like it and get practically obsessed with it. This amounts to me knowing an incredible amount about certain subjects and nothing at all about other stuff.
2. I love Chinese and Italian food (not together. Although that might be interesting.).
3. I'm not paranoid about anything and I don't really have a big fear of anything, except my parents dying, or being buried alive.
4. My dress sense is best described as preppy.
5. I watch entirely too much TV, but I don't watch lots of different shows, I just watch a lot of certain shows, if that makes sense.
6. Perhaps I watch too many movies, but I don't think you can watch too many movies.
7. I like most styles of music, but I do not like R&B/hip hop stuff, dance music (shudder), opera (you can't even hear what they're singing!) or really heavy rock/metal stuff.
8. I have a fetish for both stationary and pyjamas.
9. I am possibly the only person on the planet who likes school uniforms.
10. I love cheap clothing, like the kind you get from supermarkets.
11. Like most teenage girls, I do not like my figure.
12. I am pretty lazy and I have zero self-discipline.
13. I am a romantic, although most people wouldn't know it.
14. (WTF? I'm only on number 14? How can that be?) I don't make full use of my rather nice mobile's rather flashy features.
15. I absolutely adore everything (that I can think of anyway) to do with theatre.
16. I get entirely overexcited when watching movie awards ceremonies.
17. I am going to work at an American summer camp when I'm older. That is a firm resolution.
18. Two of my favourite cities in the world (that I've been to) are Venice and New York.
19. I don't want to live in England when I'm older.
20. Unlike most people (including my mother) I love the winter, when days are cold and it gets dark really early and all that kind of stuff. Slightly strange I know.
21. Even though I'm kind of known amongst my friends as a film buff, I actually prefer theatre in general (if I had to choose between them).
22. I always wished I had a sister, but never got one.
23. I love working with children. My ideal job would combine working with children and theatre, like a youth theatre director or a children's casting director.
24. I always have quite a lot of money, due to me being quite a popular babysitter, partly due to the fact I am at home most Saturday nights. Sad but true.
25. I am incredibly lucky to have the friends that I do, and
26. I vastly prefer the friendships I have now to the ones I had in primary school (but most people would probably say that).
27. There are several things about me I would never tell anyone. Ever!
28. I don't really get celebrity crushes, with a few exceptions (see a couple of posts below).
29. I believe every good movie should have a montage in.
30. I tend to take on the opinions of the people around me, people who are more strongly opinionated than I am.
31. Even though I'm not great at acting, I'm pretty good at public speaking.
32. I don't care that I'm not great at acting, because I love it anyway.
33. I love it when my room is tidy, but it rarely ever is.
34. I am incredibly picky about spelling and grammar.
35. There are very few people I know who I don't like.
36. I really like the age I am now, although I'm looking forward to stuff that's to come.
37. I really like my school. I don't care if I'm a dork for saying that.
38. I type really rather quickly, although I only use my two forefingers.
39. I also have a fetish for names. Strange but true.
40. My interests are kind of the same as other people in my family. Probably partly DNA and stuff, and partly how I was brought up.
41. I have a rather posh, typically English accent.
42. I don't mind my voice but wish it was just slightly less posh.
43. I look bad in pretty much every single photo taken of me.
44. I memorise things like song lyrics, lines in a play, poetry, etc. very quickly, but
45. This memory does not serve me quite so well for remembering important facts for, say, biology exams.
46. Sometimes I think I was born middle-aged.
47. I love singing along to musicals possibly more than anything else in the world.
48. I used to tan really easily, now I just burn.
49. I am rather cynical about my generation and the British public in general.
50. I love photography, although I don't know much about the technical side of it.
51. I think it is unbelievable that I am only just half way through this and Livvie was right when she said it's much harder than it seems.
52. I have a tendency to show off sometimes.
53. I have extremely good relationships with both my parents.
54. I know pretty much everything there is to know about American geography, The O.C., certain musicals, and summer camps.
55. I spend way too much time on the computer.
56. I'm quite sarcastic.
57. I work well in a team but I tend to boss people around too much.
58. I have gotten much less stubborn and bossy as I have gotten older.
59. I'm not sure those two 'gottens' in that last point were used correctly.
60. Sometimes I use American phrases and stuff without thinking.
61. This is probably due to reading too many American books and watching too many American movies/TV shows.
62. None of the shows I watch regularly (apart from Maria, which is just for a little while) are English. All of them are American, further backing up my last point.
63. I really like debating but find it rather scary.
64. I've just noticed that I've used the words 'rather' and 'incredibly' quite a few times in this post.
65. I detest chemistry with a passion.
66. I should pay way more attention in lessons this year.
67. I'm pretty laid back most of the time.
68. I get excited about stuff like fonts and screensavers. Yeah, I'm kind of a geek.
69. I'm not very observant.
70. I rarely get headaches but often get stomach aches.
71. I like attention but get embarrassed by it.
72. If I'm ever talking about someone while walking between lessons at school, it is a guaranteed fact that they will be right behind me, hearing everything I'm saying. Well, it serves me right.
73. I don't worry about stuff nearly as much as I used to.
74. I really like going to London, especially when the visit involves a trip to the theatre, hehe.
75. I also really like flying on my own, possibly more than flying with my mum (but don't tell her!).
76. I tend to leave homework (especially essays) until the last minute.
77. This is something I should try to change.
78. I'm not afraid of heights.
79. My hair annoys me.
80. I should be more open-minded.
81. I'm kind of hungry right now.
82. I'm getting really desperate in what I'm saying here now.
83. Nothing irritates me more than when technology doesn't work.
84. I love travelling and I plan to do a lot more in the future.
85. I can't believe I'm going back to school the day after tomorrow.
86. I don't think that was very interesting. We're really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.
87. I used to love dancing and I'm not bad at it but
88. I never dance nowadays, even alone.
89. I hate having my photo taken but I love taking pictures of other people.
90. I'm kind of fussy about food, but I'm getting better.
91. Music is a lot more important to me than people might think.
92. I'm disappointed that my parents never forced me to continue playing instruments as it would be nice to play something well.
93. I'm surprisingly flexible.
94. I'm very happy that we're almost done here.
95. I'm going to turn 16 in exactly two weeks.
96. I don't really know what I;m going to do yet.
97. I'm also slightly freaked out about turning 16. Why do I have to be the first of my friends?
98. My dinner is ready so I need to be quick here.
99. I'm kind of allergic to prawns, and I don't wnat to take my chances with other types of seafood. Anyway,
100. I'm not too keen on fish.

Woohoo! God, that was hard. Well done to anyone who actually read all that. Well, I'm hungry. Gotta go!

Tallie xxx


Blogger The Good Girl said...

See! See! I told you it was hard!

1:58 AM

Anonymous -xxx said...

tallie. really. i know all those thing. and you took about an hour out of my precious dial up time to read it. stupid girl. and i really dont give a shit about the maria thing. xxx no i take them back. -xxx. me as usual.

12:27 PM

Blogger talliestar said...

Hehe, that's true, you do know practically all those things. And I'm very sorry, but you didn't have to read it all.
Have you ever posted a comment on here that hasn't been annoyed with me for something?

1:00 PM

Blogger The Good Girl said...

Tal! you poked me for not posting for 2 days and you haven't posted for aaaages! Hypocrite!

9:34 AM

Blogger talliestar said...

OK, OK! Posting...

11:34 AM


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