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Friday, September 01, 2006


OK, my chemistry coursework can wait, this is important. My mum read in one of the Sunday papers that Emma Williams, who played Truly Scrumptious in the original West End production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, had already signed a contract with Andrew Lloyd Webber to play Maria for a year, in The Sound of Music! Durn durn DURN! Now that may or may not be true, but if it is, the whole Maria programme is just a publicity stunt (OK, that's actually quite likely) and the winner won't play Maria. Or maybe she'l just do the opening night, and then Emma Williams will take over. So, what do you think of that, loyal blog readers? Opinions, please!

LATER: OK, I found this on the subject. Check it out:

'Today's Sunday Mirror confirms that Andrew Lloyd Webber has already solved his problem of Maria by hiring Emma Williams on a twelve month contract.
The BBC is still publishing misleading information about its show. Its own website says today "But in a twist, rather than pick their new leading lady themselves, they've decided to let you, the viewer, decide."
Obviously not. Andrew Lloyd Webber has already chosen Emma Williams as his leading lady although he will presumably still continue to find another Maria on the BBC show.
Emma Williams is an award-winning actress and is already a star of the London stage having taken the lead as Truly Scrumptious in the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
The winner of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? will only be awarded a six month contract.
A theatre insider said: "It is obvious Emma is being lined up to do the bulk of the shows.
"While the TV contest winner will guarantee ticket sales, Emma will bring the real professionalism.
"For an untrained or inexperienced singer to take on even three or four shows a week would be totally beyond their ability and Maria is a demanding role."
In a statement today Andrew Lloyd Webber said that "it had always been made clear" that an "alternate Maria" would be hired to perform "two shows a week" in The Sound of Music. However, this is the first time any statement about the "alternate Maria" had been published by either Andrew Lloyd Webber or the BBC.'

Interesting, huh? So the TV Maria will only play three or four performances a week for the first 6 months, the rest of the time Emma Williams will play the role. It's quite mean of ALW and the BBC to trick viewers into thinking otherwise. Oh well. I don't mind.

Tallie xxx


Blogger Livvie said...

Oooh! Excitement! Does this mean you lose or win your bet with your dad?

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